Single Storey House Gutter Clean

2 bedroom …….. $135 – Online Special $120!

3 bedroom …….. $165 – Online Special $150!

4 bedroom …….. $205 – Online Special $180!


WHY?…. Stop your gutters from getting blocked, water flowing into your eves, mozzies nesting in pools of water, stop your gutters from corroding keep your tank water cleaner! Did you know that most insurance companies wont pay out your claim if you have a fire or water damage caused by your gutters being blocked! Don’t wait till it too late!… call ICU today!

We clean your gutters and use a leaf blower to remove dirt from the gutter base. We give the whole roof a blow down to prevent other leaves from entering the gutter on the day. If a safety harness or safety anchor points are needed, an additional fee of $50 will be required. Go to for a free quote and to book online. We will beat any written quote!