Cleaning in Fig Tree Pocket 4069!

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We completed a Window Cleaning job on Jesmond road for a very happy customer today! What a beautiful house with awesome views of the lake! This job had lots of glass to clean. There were some challenging areas but Aaron was easily able to do these. Lots of water fed pole use, extension pole use and good old hands on squeegee and applicator cleaning at this job! We have been cleaning the windows at this house for the last 8 years!



Gutter Cleaning in Kenmore 4069

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A very happy customer in Kenmore. They had terrible water overflow issues due to heavily clogged gutters… Very tricky access in parts, but where there’s a will there’s a way! The end result was a complete success 😁



Commercial Window Cleaning – Oz Wardrobes Wacol 4076

We were able to help the Clean the windows at Oz Wardrobes in Wacol. It is located on Ipswich Road. It was obvious when we arrived that the windows had not been cleaned in some time. As this was an initial clean, we removed paint and stickers from the windows. The windows were cleaned on the inside and the outside. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

You can see the above photo is taken before the clean, it still had paint on the windows from the previous paint job done years before. Have a look below to see how amazing the glass is after the clean.. it is the same pane of glass, you can see a small grey drop of paint on the inside frame! What a difference!

Above you can see where a large sticker was previously poorly removed. The adhesive is still on the glass. Using a super sharp blade with soap and water, our team were able to remove many of these ugly spots. See the photo below with Kristyn’s reflection in the window! What a difference!
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Window Cleaning Indooroopilly

Window Cleaning – Indooroopilly 4068

Window Cleaning Indooroopilly

Window Cleaning Indooroopilly 4068

ICU Cleaning service Brisbane including Indooroopilly. Our team strive to turn up on time, be polite and friendly, and offer a super high standard of Cleaning – Guaranteed! Just have a look at the before and after pictures of this happy customer from Indooroopilly! For a free Quote, call 0401580803 or Book online to get 10%OFF!!

Before being cleaned by Doug from ICU CLEANING.

After being cleaned by Doug from ICU CLEANING.

Before being cleaned by Doug from ICU CLEANING.

After being cleaned by Doug from ICU CLEANING.

Window Cleaning – Sinnamon Park 4073

It was a beautiful day to be cleaning windows in Sinnamon Park.

Professionally cleaned by Aaron! This 2 storey 5 bedroom home in Sinnamon Park Queensland 4073 was cleaned to satisfaction!

This photo shows how dirty the windows were before.

You can see the difference after cleaning on both the inside and the outside.

After work, make sure you check out Sinnamon Park @ 139A Sinnamon Road. Take you family there for a nice picnic or bbq. It has great facilities and some nice bike and walking tracks.

Sinnamon Park fast fact:

Sinnamon Park is named for the pioneering Sinnamon Family. The land occupied by Sinnamon Village retirement complex and the river flats east of the Centenary Freeway were formerly the family farm.

In the 2011 census, the population of Sinnamon Park was 6,362