Commercial Window Cleaning – Oz Wardrobes Wacol 4076

We were able to help the Clean the windows at Oz Wardrobes in Wacol. It is located on Ipswich Road. It was obvious when we arrived that the windows had not been cleaned in some time. As this was an initial clean, we removed paint and stickers from the windows. The windows were cleaned on the inside and the outside. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

You can see the above photo is taken before the clean, it still had paint on the windows from the previous paint job done years before. Have a look below to see how amazing the glass is after the clean.. it is the same pane of glass, you can see a small grey drop of paint on the inside frame! What a difference!

Above you can see where a large sticker was previously poorly removed. The adhesive is still on the glass. Using a super sharp blade with soap and water, our team were able to remove many of these ugly spots. See the photo below with Kristyn’s reflection in the window! What a difference!
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