Window cleaning is not just about using the cleanser and solutions and get the best results, cleaning with clean water also makes good impacts and it is less damaging for the property too. Who would understand the benefits better than ICU Cleaning?

With our exclusive water fed window cleaning solution, the high rises’ windows can now be easily cleaned. We use purified water in conjunction with a pole and brush to clean the larger windows of 2 to 5 stories high. Moreover, we keep the TDS rating below 10 PPM so that, it offers a spot free finish.

Below here you can find the charges that we charge for multistoried. This is the most competitive pricing for commercial window cleaning or residential window cleaning that you would find here in Brisbane.

2 storey  —  $75/hour

3 storey  —  $100/hour

4 or 5 storey  — $130/hour

You can also give us a call for free quote at – 0401 580 803